“I came to Dance Again ministries at a time when I was struggling to hear God’s voice and experience the reality of his love in my life. This ministry has helped me overcome my unbelief in Jesus constant loving presence and invite his help in every area of my life.” -Kathie
“I had my last battle with alcohol and lost. I fully committed myself to Jesus and was referred to Dance Again Ministries. Through healing exercises, it was instilled in me who I am in Christ. Through discipleship, I continue to learn about the wonderful grace of God and the promises I’ve been given.” -Mike
“I was in need of healing and forgiveness. Dance Again Ministries has helped me by teaching me how to look to God to fulfill my needs and not others! Also how to bring God into my everyday life, to go to Him with all my decisions and how to stop the tug of war between me and my husband! Now we are learning how to allow each other to “feel free” to be who we are by loving each other right where we are today!” -AB
“Dance Again Ministries has brought me closer to Jesus’s heart. I’ve learned through biblical counsel and continue to learn through discipleship, how to look for God in everything and talk to Him and ask Him about everything. To view myself through the way He sees me in truth. The way the Lord speaks to me through their counsel has really blessed, inspired and motivated me. I have grown through this time by walking with a sister in Christ.” -Angie
“Dance Again Ministries has helped me to hear God’s voice in our “secret place”. When I do this, I find lots of peace and am reassured of His love for me. This ministry has also taught me a lot about loving other people and focusing on glorifying God and that life is not all about -Annie
“I came to Dance Again Ministries because I was in darkness, depression, there was no light in my life! Dance Again Ministries helped teach me to get connected to the Source, Jesus! To talk, to listen for guidance and direction and to learn obedience. When I did, I began to feel free from worry and fear! I found over flowing love, confidence and some gifts GOD has put in me, light. Wounds of my past have been revealed and healed! DA is teaching me to live the way God wanted me to without fear of being ridiculed. Today, I walk by faith, not by sight!” -Kimberly
Dance Again Ministries lead me into an intimacy with Jesus that I never had before and He shined His light on the lies that I believe and how to receive freedom. I now want to lead others to look through the lens of truth. -Kathie R.
There is nothing more frustrating than knowing your freedom has been paid for, but not being able to access it. As a born again believer, I knew that sexual perversion, eating disorders, and self-harm had been defeated at the cross, yet each of these plagued my daily life. Though I may have stopped acting on the thoughts, I still didn’t feel free, that is until coming to Dance Again Ministries. Now through their discipling, I have learned new ways to access the intimate, personal relationship that Jesus Christ died on the cross to give me. Today, I can say with confidence that freedom is not simply an idea, it’s a reality. -Katrina