The person is led into the presence of Jesus to receive His perspective on their traumatic past or difficult current circumstances. The individual will learn how to walk in freedom. Healing is brought to a person’s soul and spirit by renouncing lies and coming into agreement with their identity.


One on one relationships delivering support, encouragement, & truth. Our goal is regenerations through personal, professional, and spiritual growth.


Large and small group training classes. Our curriculum consists of 8 Lessons with an expectant duration of 15 weeks. This training is not considered a one-time read, but is intended to be used as an ongoing tool filled with tangible reminders on how to grow in living a lifestyle infilled with Jesus’s power. We have learned that by teaching how to receive from Jesus, completely changes one’s experience when reading the bible.


The provision of assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or emotional difficulties. We place an emphasis on freedom through the power and suitability of God's Word.


If your organization or institution is interested in hosting a seminar, contact us with how we can serve your specific need. 314-540-5016 or

Our Fall retreat is available to individuals who have received one on one discipleship training and are interested in going through the Fishers of Men Discipleship Training class. The Spring retreat is for those who have gone through the training and are interested in volunteering in the ministry by leading small groups.

The Body, Soul, and Spirit Live Whole and Balanced retreats are developed to bless individuals by giving them an opportunity to get away for a week from the fast paced, time pressured, work centered and highly complexed culture of the everyday American lifestyle. People are suffering from depression and anxiety due to life’s pressures which cause imbalance in both the natural and supernatural parts of our being. This imbalance is not only causing a negative effect on the tripartite nature of the individual but is consequently causing a negative effect on families.

We teach practical ways of healthy living to nourish the body, the soul, and the spirit in order to live a lifestyle fulfilled with abundant Life.

By spending an entire week with one another, individuals will experience a kick start in creating new habits of healthy balanced living. They are then able to return home and implement their new habits into their daily lives.

Restoration through healing is the heart of Dance Again Ministries. By hosting the Body, Soul, and Spirit retreat bi-annually, the well-being of the individuals and their families are profoundly affected.

Dance Again Ministries Body, Soul, and Spirit Retreat trains individuals in focusing on each individual part of the nature of man.

We offer the following types of seminars:

  • Guest Speaker
  • Weekend Soaking and Healing Seminars
  • 2-4 day Teaching Seminars

Building the Culture in Institutions and Organizations

Building a culture of discipleship is training leadership, employees, and volunteers in hearing and speaking the language of Jesus, reality.

The voice of the Lord is always speaking, are you listening? Are you tuned in to the Spirit? We teach leaders how to receive from the Lord through the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to live a lifestyle healing, learning, growing, and leading through the power of Jesus.

Our volunteers and employees are not chosen by their talents, and elevated levels of knowledge, but by their submission, first to Jesus then to one another. This core truth will create an environment of leaders who lead through the power of love which molds relationships supernaturally and equips individuals to be responsible for their thinking, feelings and behaviors.

Following is an example of what an organization or institution looks like when following the model of a culture of discipleship:

Leaders and volunteers must go through the 15-week –Fishers of Men Discipleship Training Curriculum Once trained, some will choose to lead other small groups but this is not mandatory.

Those who want to become trainers, will begin practicing one on one biblical counseling and inner healing sessions and shadowing small group classes.

Once they are individually ready, they will go on to lead small groups for training. This can also be done as partners/co-leaders.

Small group Re-training:

  • Leaders and trainers will meet as scheduled to regroup:
  • Talk about life’s circumstances
  • Encourage and hold each other accountable to live infilled with power

Large Group Re-training:

  • Employees and volunteers meet annually:
  • Pow Wow’s
  • Praise Reports
  • Worship
  • Teaching
  • fellowship
  • Dinner

Disciplinary actions:

  • If in need of help with a situation, the individual meets with their discipler.
  • If correction is needed, the person receives healing first in order to confront and correct with a pure heart.
  • If the person corrected does not receive it well, he/she goes to their discipler.
  • If the discipler has a question, he/she goes to their discipler and the cycle continues.
  • If the conflict needs more help, the individuals meet with a team of discipleship trainers until the situation is rectified and the healing is complete.
  • We do not give up on fighting for unity in our relationships, but If an individual chooses to leave because they are offended, we allow them to go. We continue to fight for unity without tolerating manipulation and control.