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Prepared for: Hope Ranch
Hope Ranch mission: To expand the quality of life through equine-assisted therapy and develop skills critical to future independence.

Prepared by: Dance Again Ministries
Dance Again Ministries mission: We are working for the cause of restoration in relationships and families by targeting institutions and organizations through educational and social development and intentional living.

Executive summary

Dance Again Ministries is making a positive impact on our community by sharing knowledge to inform, influence, and govern behaviors in the workplace in order to see and experience the world through a biblical world view.

Our culture is made up of people who live infilled with the power of Jesus. Building this culture in organizations and institutions is our focus. Since relationships are the center of mankind’s existence, approaching the heart of individuals is our course of action. Dance Again works continually in the organization by assisting and teaching how to resolve conflict resulting from miscommunication by first targeting the heart, then moving forward in working through any given circumstance.

Problem Statement

Due to Liberalism on the rise, the secular humanistic worldview has permeated our culture via university, media, and government, resulting in the greatest threat to our Nation.

Many organizations are increasingly trending with the culture and are therefore deviating from the foundation that our Nation was built on, liberty and justice. We are a voluntary organization focusing on the needs of humanity by creating a healing environment through educational and social development beginning with leaders and volunteers of an organization.

With our Nation being threatened, the American family is collapsing and it’s negatively affecting our community, making this world-wide problem personal. Families struggle for countless reasons but when these trials strike in ways that cannot be prevented, people rely on institutions and organizations in the community as a safe place to receive help. Dance Again makes a personal impact by creating a safe place for families in our own community who are in need, by cultivating an organization that exudes peace, comfort, and joy.

Proposed Solution

Dance Again sees the need to target the workplace in order to see restoration in our families because this is where parents are spending most of their time.

If we train leaders in how to live a lifestyle infilled with the power of Jesus, an organization will be built on liberty and justice and every person who walks through the door will be affected by the environment. We know that to see transformation in our neighborhoods, we need to see families restored, since freedom begins in the home.

Dance Again Ministries will target the following areas within Hope Ranch:

Employees and Volunteers – Employees and volunteers will be trained to submit and to lead. This ‘teaching/learning’ lifestyle will enhance unity between co-workers, leaders, and clients. These relationships will build on:

  • Joint problem solving
  • Insight sharing
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Working closely together to assist communication of inferred knowledge

The ‘teaching/learning’ lifestyle is developed by mentoring relationships.

Staff will learn conflict resolution and negotiation skills which are essential to collaborative work. Team members with good conflict and negotiation skills are better equipped to:

  • Deal openly with problems
  • To listen and understand different perspectives
  • To resolve issues in mutually beneficial ways

This lifestyle produces vulnerability that opens the heart to:

  • Sharing
  • Compassion
  • Fulfilling promises
  • Willingness to be influenced
  • Listening

These attributes are building blocks in the development of trust. When workers trust one another, they are:

  • More committed to attaining mutual goals
  • More likely to help one another through difficulties
  • More willing to share and develop innovative ideas

Ultimately, the workplace will promote:

  • Participation
  • Expression
  • Identity
  • Balance
  • Quality of life

Clients – By creating our culture in Hope Ranch, the spirit of a person who participates in the equine therapy will be touched. Literature indicates that the spirituality of people with disabilities can be a valuable source of social and psychological support. Following are ways our clients can be benefited:

  • Improved relationships with others, Jesus, and the world
  • A new source of meaning, resulting in reawakening of hope and peace
  • Acceptance of living with problems not yet resolved
  • Experience a feeling of belonging and being valued
  • Develop a sense of safety, respect, and dignity

Animals – The animals on Hope Ranch are important to us. Not only will the animals be a tool for our clients to receive healing, but the children and their families will be welcomed to love and dote on the animals in an environment that is safety-first. A safety-first method of training is another means in provoking a stress-free environment for both the animals and people. The animals will be trained and socialized in a way that will benefit both the animal and the recipient for enhanced relationship building.

Parents and families – Raising a child with special needs can be difficult on the family. Parents cope with the emotional difficulties of adapting and faced with making important decisions. The following services will be extended to parents and family members and can be utilized as they wait for their children who are receiving equine horse therapy.

  • Biblical counsel
  • Life coaching
  • Inner healing

Community – Our community will be impacted as families grow in restoration. Hope Ranch will continue to thrive when built on the power of Jesus’ love which will draw crowds from the community. Events and services will continue to grow through this organization as innovative ideas are planted, watered, and harvested through the freedom and productivity of a lifestyle of healing.


Dance Again will create a foundational culture of liberty and justice at Hope Ranch by training employees and volunteers through the Fishers of Men Discipleship curriculum.

Following an initial 15-week training in a small group setting, Individual care will be made available to the five mentioned areas above by trained Dance Again volunteers through the following techniques: Inner Healing, one on one Discipleship/Life Coaching, Biblical Counsel, and Retreats and Seminars.


Dance Again Ministries has been modeling this culture since 2011. Michele Pyatt, founder of Dance Again Ministries, is certified in Biblical Counseling through the IABC and has been trained in ministering Inner Healing through Freedom Ministries in Dallas Texas.

Michele is the author of the book, Dance Again the Birth of a Ministry and the curriculum, Fishers of Men Discipleship Training. Since Dance Again Ministries was founded in 2011, Michele has trained team leaders. She and her team are actively serving our community in the following arenas:

  • Prison Ministry
  • Youth groups
  • Large and small groups
  • Hosting retreats

Signatures & Date

Maria Matthews

Founder Hope Ranch and Team Leader Dance Again Ministries, The Gathering Place
Signed, Maria Matthews, May 7, 2018

Lisa Deterding

Founder The Gathering Place and Team Leader Dance Again Ministries, Hope Ranch
Signed, Lisa Deterding, May 7, 2018

Michele Pyatt

Founder Dance Again Ministries and Team Leader Hope Ranch, The Gathering Place
Signed, Michele Pyatt, May 7, 2018