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Prepared for: Berea Academy
Berea Academy’s mission: To prepare the youth of today for the challenges of tomorrow. To provide college preparatory education and life preparatory training. To create a community of loving support and excellence so that everyone will be boldly elevated, reconciled, equipped, advancing the Kingdom of God.

Prepared by: Dance Again Ministries
Dance Again Ministries mission: Our mission is to make disciples. We are working for the cause of bringing relationships back to life and helping individuals who were once mourning dance again through one on one life coaching and discipleship.

Executive summary

Dance Again Ministries is a culture made up of people who live infilled with the power of Jesus.

Relationships are our focus, first with Jesus then with others. When relationships that are struggling are left unattended, they can ultimately result in:

  • Divorce
  • Financial hardship
  • Problems in the workplace
  • Change in Sleep Patterns
  • Falling away from the faith
  • Addiction
  • Decline in Academic Performance
  • Bullying
  • Anxiety
  • Suicide

We are making a positive impact on our community by assisting in the restoration of relationships by first targeting an individual’s inner healing, then moving forward in their current circumstance. We attain our goal, which is freedom, by administering the following services: Inner Healing, one on one Discipleship/Life Coaching, Teaching Large and Small Groups, Biblical Counsel, Retreats and Seminars, and Building Our Culture in Institutions and Organizations.

Problem Statement

Our youth are the most connected generation and the most disconnected with one another. Due to technology, social media, and the detachment in the generations, our young people are in grave need.

What Unites Young People?

  • Media
  • Adult abandonment due to the disconnect in generations
  • Isolated from adults due to the misunderstanding between the cultures
  • Performance based parenting due to lack of commonality
  • Very little room for discovering themselves

Three Questions Youth are Asking:

  • Who am I?
  • Where do I belong?
  • Do I matter?

Why Do Kids Fall in Their Faith When They Go Off to College?

  • Were they taught to parrot back the right answers?
  • Were they given space to live and learn?
  • Did they have a relationship with an adult other than a parent?

Proposed Solution

Adults must learn the culture of our youth by jumping in their world and learning their language.

Our culture needs to trend 5 adults who are speaking the same thing for every child, in order to shift a young person’s thinking. By creating a culture of discipleship, living infilled with the power of Jesus, an amazing opportunity in being cross cultural missionaries awaits the staff and volunteers at Berea Academy.

What Do We Do When We Enter the Youth Culture?

  • Listen and ask questions
  • Express the Gospel as an Epic adventure
  • Include them in the mission

What Are Our Goals for Our Next Generation?

  • Communication
    • Adults are the responsible party
    • Adults are available and pursuing them through the power of Jesus’ love
  • Closeness
    • Spend undistracted and unstructured time
    • Ask questions about their relationships, friends, family, circumstances
    • Get involved in what they are interested in
  • Celebrate them
    • Be their biggest fan
  • Grieve with them
    • Allow them to hurt
    • Sit with them in sadness
    • Don’t be a quick fix
  • Repent to them and offer forgiveness
    • Seek forgiveness from them so they can see it modeled


Building the Culture of Discipleship in Institutions and Organizations. What Does This Look Like?

Our young people need to learn how to be overcomers and Jesus is the only answer. When we model this lifestyle to our youth, they will conform to the environment and be set free from the bondage that is lurking in the culture of their generation. Volunteers and employees are not chosen by their talents, and elevated levels of knowledge, but by their submission, first to Jesus then to one another. This core truth will create an environment of leaders who lead through the power of love which molds relationships supernaturally and equips individuals to be responsible for their thinking, feelings and behaviors. Following an initial 15-week training in a small group setting, Individual care will be made available to staff, students, parents and families by trained Dance Again volunteers through the following techniques: Inner Healing, one on one Discipleship/Life Coaching, Biblical Counsel, and Retreats and Seminars.


Dance Again Ministries has been modeling this culture since 2011. Michele Pyatt, founder of Dance Again Ministries, is certified in Biblical Counseling through the IABC and has been trained in ministering Inner Healing through Freedom Ministries in Dallas Texas.

Michele is the author of the book, Dance Again the Birth of a Ministry and the curriculum, Fishers of Men Discipleship Training. Since Dance Again Ministries was founded in 2011, Michele has trained team leaders. She and her team are actively serving our community in the following arenas:

  • Prison Ministry
  • Youth groups
  • Large and small groups
  • Hosting retreats