Think About What You’re Thinking About

Sanctification is growing in knowing who we are

By knowing who God is

By receiving His love for us


When we are not performing well on the court or field, it’s no different than if we are losing in our marriage, our finances, our job, because Satan uses the same lies to attack.  Therefore, I know what people are thinking when they start out the match losing and cannot seem to get their game back on. They are believing things like, I’m no good, I shouldn’t be playing at this level, I’m causing my partner to lose, I should just go home, I should quit tennis etc. and sometimes, the lies can even resort to how they are struggling in other areas of their lives, my husband was right, I’m not good at anything, my dad was right, I’ll never measure up.  


Simply not performing well one day, is all it takes to open a door to a cycle of depression.

I know this sounds crazy but it’s true; lies in the spirit are daily spoken over every human being.  People will not even notice what they’re thinking until they intentionally pay attention to it. When we begin to practice paying attention to what we are thinking about and then intentionally doing something about it, we will begin to respond differently.  Bad things will happen to us in this life but how we respond to those things is what sets us apart.  


The only way we will respond with power, is if we hear the still small voice of the Lord, and are obedient to His voice.  


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