The Put Away Shot

Sanctification is growing in knowing who we are

By knowing who God is

By receiving His love for us


Do you know Who or what defines us?  

Things that happen to us do not define us, but did you know that the way we respond to the things that happen to us doesn’t define us either?  

We are defined by the One who created us, Jesus.  (Lesson 4 in my curriculum explains this in full detail.)  

Our personality is an outward expression of the inward us, our soul.  When we grow in knowing who we are, our soul (the inward part of us) is sanctified/changed.  As our soul changes, so does our personality which is how others see the work the Lord has begun in us.  Some parts of our personality never change. Some of the parts of our personality that never change make up our spirit.  This is the part of us who we refer to when we say things like, “I can’t find myself.”  The only person who can get a hold of this part of us is Jesus and the day He does, we are able to receive from Him our identity, who He created us to be.  

There are some parts of us that we don’t see in ourselves, called blind spots.  Others can be quick to see blind spots in us and be more than happy to tell us about them. This usually occurs without our asking so most of the time, our knee jerk reaction is quick to disagree.  

I think it’s interesting how some of these blind spots in our personality can be revealed to us by paying attention to how we respond as an athlete on the field or court.  I’ve realized that when I play tennis, and someone hits the ball hard to me, I can return the ball hard back to them. I noticed that my shot is not very hard unless the power is coming from my opponent first.  After realizing this, I felt like I needed to learn how to hit the ball harder to improve my game. I began striving to hit the ball hard which led to many unforced errors and lost points. I began focusing on where to hit the ball and tried to hit it out in front of me which I thought would give me more power.  I also tried following through with a full swing which I thought would also help.

While all these things were helping improve the power of my forehand, I still found myself thinking that I wasn’t that good because I didn’t have a hard put away shot.  When I started to entertain the thought that, I wasn’t that good, I heard the Lord say, “You do have a put away shot, it’s your left corner lob.”  I thought, oh, wow, I didn’t realize a lob could be a put away shot.  

When I agreed with the Lord that the lob was my put away shot, I found that I had much more success in my game. The back-corner lob began to come easy to me and I started hitting that mark nearly every time, like muscle memory.  

The Lord was beginning to show me something about myself that I wasn’t aware of, but at this point I hadn’t yet put 2 and 2 together.  I was just happy to see that my put away shot was working.


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