Panama City 2017- Part 2

Lisa and I continued our in-depth conversation as the evening slowly progressed to morning.  Lisa was trying to explain her experience to me but wasn’t making sense. She was beating around the bush trying to stay obedient in waiting on the Lord’s timing in sharing the details of the revelation He’d been giving her.  During my confusion in trying to follow, I interrupted her and out of the blue asked if Dan White was going to be funding Hope Ranch. (Dan White is a fictitious name I’m using for privacy purposes). Lisa starred at me as if she had seen a ghost and began stumbling with her words.  She put her hands over her face and was paralyzed by what I had just asked, then she asked if we could move to the screened in porch for more privacy.

We got situated on the porch and I led Lisa to her secret place so that she could clearly hear from the Lord to find out if she was supposed to share the revelation with me.  Immediately, she heard from the Lord that this was the time to share.

Lisa shared that the Lord had been putting the same thing that I spoke out loud to her on her heart, that Dan White was going to be the primary source of funding for Hope Ranch.  We began speaking what was in each other’s mind and completing each other’s sentences. We continued in this posture for a couple of hours. We were wrecked by the power of the Lord in how He was laying out the course that we would be taking in carrying His heart for Hope Ranch.  

Amid tears streaming down my cheeks, simply overcome by Jesus, I spoke out loud without even realizing what I was saying,

“Lisa, this reminds me of a movie I saw about three minority women…”  (I was referring to the movie Hidden Figures, but I couldn’t think of the name).  

What I did say was, minority.  Minority was the prophetic word Lisa gave me a couple days prior that I had shelfed since I had no idea what it meant. This was the grand finale of our one on one time.  We physically couldn’t take anymore, so we thought. It was 2am and by the inactivity inside, it appeared that everyone else had already gone to bed so we decided to try to get some sleep.

When we walked into the condo, I turned to go into my room and found Maria awake in my room talking one on one with another girl.  I called for Lisa to come join me to share what the Lord just did with Maria. After sharing with Maria, following is what we knew:  

  • Dan White was going to be the primary source for funding Hope Ranch.  
  • Dance Again Ministries is the foundation of Hope Ranch.  We will build the culture by training all the volunteers and employees.  
  • The Gathering Place is going to be part of the Ranch and will also be built on the culture of Dance Again.  

We had no idea how, what, when, or where, but we did know why.  And we did know that we three women were in this together. We knew that the Lord was inviting us in His plan and purpose in building His kingdom and through His power, His strength and His wisdom, we said, YES!  

We stayed up another 2 hours and finally hit the hay at 4am.  The next morning, we were not even tired!


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