Panama City 2017

Even when led by the still small voice of our perfect God, real life messes are unavoidable; we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world.

A day in the life with Jesus does not compare to any other way of living.  There is never a dull moment; every day is a surprise party. Its like I stumble around in awe, unaware of the cares of this world that most people are grumbling about because I’m stricken by Jesus’s reckless love again.  How good is our God? No words can define His power, His timing, the way He orchestrates our lives.

Dance Again hosts two annual retreats.  

The spring retreat is a leadership building retreat that unites the leaders through risk taking adventure.  The location of this retreat changes every year.

The fall retreat is led by individuals who have gone through the Fishers of Men Discipleship Training curriculum and who feel impelled to teach the curriculum to others.  We invite 7-8 people on this retreat. We come to teach and learn, receive from Jesus, and bask in His presence.  The fall retreat is always held in the same place, Panama City, FL.

Lisa and Maria were invited to help lead the fall retreat of 2017. We loaded our team into a large Expedition fitting all 7 of us in one vehicle.  This is the best way to travel, we love the car ride, it is always a great start to an incredible experience. The best part about this car ride is that we are in no hurry to get there and we get to take pit stops whenever we want (unlike family trips when dad is driving).  

When we were close to approaching our destination, the Lord put on my heart to invite everyone to seek Him for a word for one another.  The following morning, we mingled into the family room area of the condo, got our coffee and breakfast, and all sat around the large dining table for opening prayer.  The opening prayer led to the sharing of our words for one another. The Holy Spirit fell on each of us as we shared His love. The word Lisa had for me was, minority.  I had no idea what the Lord was speaking to me by this word, so I shelfed it.  We hung out at the dining table in our pajamas for 4 hours, then we packed our lunch and headed to the beach for the lesson, alone time, and exercise.  

One of the girls on our trip is a dancer so after dinner, our evenings were spent learning line dances, playing volleyball in the pool, and hanging out in the hot tub.  We spent our evenings laughing hard (which is a priority for our retreats). One evening while we were winding down, I joined Lisa for one on one conversation. She shared with me how she was reading a book during her alone time and how the Lord was speaking profoundly to her through this book.  I asked her what book she was reading. Lisa did not share the title or the author of the book, but she did share that the book was a biography of an individual’s experience about how he started his company with the Lord as the foundation of His business. A picture of Hope Ranch came to my mind as I listened to Lisa with an inquisitive ear wondering what was going on in the spirit.

To be continued…


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  1. Wow, this was an amazing trip. . . as if it just happened yesterday! Such a spirit-filled week, thank you for blogging and sharing your memory. I’m looking forward to future blogs.

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