Spring Retreat 2018 Havasupai Falls Hike Part 2

Even when led by the still small voice of our perfect God, real life messes are unavoidable; we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world.


When I began researching the hike to Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon, I learned that the falls were on the Supai Indian Reservation, the only community in the entire canyon. This hike is so remote that the only way to get specific information about it is through a Facebook feed. People who have hiked the trail post pictures, videos, and swarm the site with incredible information based on individual experiences.

I learned that the Supai Tribe allows outsiders to come on their land to view their water falls but they do have restrictions. They do not allow folks to hike in and out the same day, everyone must backpack down, camp at least one night, then hike back out. They have random check points on the hike down and if you are caught without a registration, then they will make you turn around and leave. The campsite holds 250 people per night, so the space is limited and the cost to camp is $70 a night, per person. Hikes range from 2 days to 5 days.

Camping in a Canyon is way different than camping in a park. Usually when I think of camping, I think of a nice camp fire to grill food, lawn chairs to get comfortable around the fire at night after a nice swim, someone bringing their guitar and singing campfire songs, etc. Not here, here there are no fire pits because there are no first responders in case of an emergency. With the camping thing in mind and having to carry all of our necessities on our backs on the way down, our team decided that a one night stay was perfect for us. However, we were not even beginning to think about the hike itself, the temperatures, the terrane, the miles. Nor were we thinking about safety issues, what happens if we get hurt? What happens if we get dehydrated? What happens if we get robbed? What happens if we get lost?

To be continued…

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